What We Believe

As our name suggests, we believe in the power of reconciliation to help us overcome poverty, prejudice and fear. We work to make things whole, and to celebrate and pursue a shared vision of hope and prosperity for all people.

What we believe

At Reconcile New Orleans, we believe:

  • People of all races, cultures, and experiences can come together to pursue and achieve the common goals of spiritual, social, and economic enrichment and success for all people.
  • Community members working together can effectively combat poverty, prejudice and fear through programs inspired by love, compassion, and the principle of self-help.
  • Young people can have a voice in constructive change rather than being displaced by change.
  • Together we can be a model for inner city renewal, education, and shared success.



These beliefs are guided by a set of core principles that includes:

  • Reconciliation – overcoming poverty, prejudice and fear
  • Spirituality – teaching life’s lessons through love
  • Hope – providing educational and economic opportunities for youth
  • Self-Respect – developing self-worth through holistic development
  • Education – learning through hands-on work
  • Collaboration – working through partnerships
  • Self-Efficacy – transformation through experiencing success
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